The Found Crate

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Let's talk about the Found Crate! 

*Every Crate will be comprised of ONLY Authentic Antique and Vintage Decor Pieces! 

* NO two Crates will be the same! Since we are using authentic Vintage decor, there will be no two alike! 

* Every Crate will have various products - anything from Antique Advertising Boxes, Vintage Cameras, Antique Kitchen Accessories (wooden spoons, ironstone, rolling pins, cutting boards, etc), Vintage Scales, Antique Books, Glassware, etc. The items are so unique and we are committed to maintaining a level of neutrality so each item will blend with your decor! 

*Your Crate will have a minimum of TWO items. For instance, if you receive a large Advertising Box, then you may only have one additional item in your Crate. Or may receive four individual pieces. 

*It's a TOTAL SURPRISE! It's no secret that we LOVE these will fit right in! 

*The Crates value will be always be worth what you've paid!

*The Found Crates will ship within 15-20 days of purchase. 

*These Crates will only be available until sold out! We have minimal Antique Pieces for these Crates so once they're sold out....they'll be gone until the next time! 


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